Barefoot Photography specializes in portraits of children and families as well as coastal landscape prints.

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What I do

Jennifer MalpassI specialize in capturing portraits of your child and family on location at the beach along the Jersey Shore. Children’s portraits, family photos, Communions, graduations, summer vacations, etc. are just a few of the special moments to capture forever. I also take headshots on location and have my own line of landscape prints in several collections: Jersey Shore, Cape Cod, and Nantucket.

I used to think that photography was just a skill but now I know that it is an art. Just as a painting is the medium for the painter, the photograph is the medium for the photographer. My passion for taking photographs revolves around things that are alive. By this I mean people, animals, the ocean, a sunset. These are not stagnant. They have life, movement, energy. The onlooker is drawn in and becomes involved in them. I seek to capture the moment in its essence in hopes of looking back on the memory through the photograph. I want others who view my photos to react to them and be brought into them. To me, each picture should hold a memory, tell a story, or convey a feeling. The goal is achieved when a person looks at my pictures and wants to talk about them, or picks them up for a second or third glance. Even a lingering look shows the viewer is engaged in the picture. This lets me know I’ve accomplished, at least for the moment, my aim.


There are so many moments that I have looked at my children and wished that I could bottle time forever. My son catching his first fish with the waves splashing around him, my daughter building a sandcastle with the sunlight shimmering on her hair, my husband holding their little hands strolling along the water’s edge. I hold those moments close. I am lucky to have captured many of those special moments in photographs that I look back on and remember how I felt and how precious they are.

I have spent much of my life at the Jersey Shore and have developed a deep appreciation for capturing photographs using the beautiful backdrops and wonderful lighting that the beach and local parks can offer.

Jennifer MalpassAs a pediatric speech pathologist for over 17 years at both a leading children's hospital and a local school, I have had the extreme privilege of working with hundreds of beautiful children and their amazing families to help them reach their goals. I have learned to tap into their unique personalities and special strengths to help them achieve their best potentials. In addition, since I am trained in working with children with special needs, I am honored when asked to portrait a child who shows their gifts in different ways.

Pairing this skill with my own experiences as a mom of two energetic children, I am able to build quick relationships with children and key into their own unique little personalities to capture each child in his or her own world.

Thank you for your interest in my photography. I hope to capture your children in their moments for you to look back on always.